You’re never too old to cosplay!

Cosplay is the combination of the two words Costume and Play. Something we all used to do as kids, as we pretend to be the protagonist or villain we love. Our parents would see us and think it’s cute. What they probably didn’t expect is that this childhood passion is going to grow with us, and is not fading away.

Perhaps it was kept hidden for years by many, as society looked down upon *adults* who indulge in those childhood activities. But as more and more people kept showing up, giving zero damn what other people think, the cosplay industry slowly grew larger and larger, until it hit a tipping point, with no hope of turning back.

Cosplaying now is a multi-billion dollar industry, and some cosplayers are already quitting their jobs and doing it full time.

But is it just for people in their twenties and thirties now? Should you still grow up and out of cosplaying? Perhaps when you’re a grandma, then it’s inappropriate?

Next time someone tells you that, be sure to show him this picture!

One of the most beautiful cosplays I’ve seen during MCM London last October. And I’ve never seen it done before. Maybe she’s not a grandma. Maybe she’s not even a mother, I don’t know. But she is one amazing cosplayer… and she’s very young at heart, as we should all try to be!

So NO!… You’re never too old to cosplay. And no one should tell you so! See you at next comiccon!

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