Welcome to CosplayWon — A Place For Cosplay Wonders!

CosplayWon is short for Cosplay Wonders. A showcase site that allows anyone to signup, have her own page, and start posting her work up there.

If you are a cosplayer, cosplay photographer, or say a costume maker, and want a place where your you can show your work to others, then simply signup, have your own URL, such as https://cosplaywon.com/your_name, and start uploading your photos instantly.

Once you have your page, people can follow you, like your posts, comment on them, and not only that. But they can credit you in their own posts as well. So if you’re the cosplayer, then a photographer can easily tag you in his post, and let people know what’s the character, and who is the person doing the cosplay. The credited photos appear on your page under Credited section as well, so your fans can see what you’ve been involved in.

3, 2, 1… UPLOAD!

The very first photo went live at 30th September, 2016, marking the launch of CosplayWon.

Since then, I’ve been working hard to put more photos online, and get more people on board. I have been to two comiccons, namely MCM London Comicon October 2016, and Stockholm Comiccon the following November. I came back with about 3000 photos from these two events, met so many great cosplayers, made many friends, and got pretty good and encouraging feedback about the site.

If you’ve been cosplaying at any of these events, it’s actually very likely we’ve met for a photoshoot, and you should have my card in that case as well.

Today, I’m happy to say that the community collaboratively have uploaded over 700 photos altogether, in the span of just 44 days. And we are starting to see new members and photos from different countries popup already.

Right now, we have cosplayers from United Kingdom, Brazil, United States, Sweden, Norway, Germany, and France already. Which country will we see next?

Main Site Features

  • Site designed from bottom up primarily for cosplays.
  • Your own page, at friendly url, such as https://cosplaywon.com/your_name.
  • Ability to upload and view full size images without resizing or loss in quality.
  • Event categories: Rather than searching Instagram and Facebook all day to try and find your cosplay photos, CosplayWon lets you specify the event the photo was taken at, so that later on, all event photos will be in one easily accessible place for everyone to find.
  • Character and Series: With every post, you can specify the character(s) and series(s) in the photo, so that they can be found a lot easier later on.
  • Multiple upload: For the same character/series, you can upload up to 20 photos at once.
  • No Smart (arrogant) Feed: Don’t you hate it when you have 1000 fans, post new stuff, and then find that only 10 people actually saw it? To add insult to injury, you see a troll message asking you to pay $5 to reach more of your loyal fans? Nothing of this crap here, I promise.
  • Crediting: With every post, you can credit anyone who have contributed to the image. Be it cosplayer, photographer, costumer, editor, or the wig maker. This way everyone gets the credit they deserve, and you all get more visibility.


If all this sounds exciting, then let me tell you, this is just the beginning of many great things to come. So head up to CosplayWon, and signup now. It literally takes less than a minute!

Once you confirm your account, take little time to fill your profile page. Then, be off and build your portfolio. We can’t wait to see what the next member will upload.

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