Podcast Episode 8: Interview with James Wheatley (JamesWerty)

We’re glad to be back after two months break with another podcast episode. For the 8th episode, we have our first returning guest, James Wheatley (JamesWerty), who was with us at the MCM London episode before. James is an English cosplayer whom I first met at MCM London last October, and he’s done plethora of cosplays over the years, including Joel from Last of Us, Logan, and Iron Fist.

Last of Us Cosplay: By JamesWerty, MoonageCosplay, and BethanIsLame

Listen to James Wheatley tell us about his humble beginnings, his various cosplays, best moments cosplaying, personal interests, rants about cinema, and his future plans… which for the first time will have him shave his beard for a cosplay!

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Obi Wan Kenobi, Logan, and Steve Zissou cosplays by JamesWerty. Left and right photo by OhNoItsJade, middle by CosplayWon.