Podcast Episode 7: Interview with Miradel — E3 featured Dutch cosplay photographer

It was a year ago that Simone van der Steen (Miradel) decided to end her short cosplay career and be a cosplayer photographer instead. Without prior knowledge in photography, and a very modest gear, she focused on improving her skills, and managed to get her photoshoot work with Raven Star Cosplay as Aloy featured by Guerrilla Games at E3 2017!

E3 featured Aloy cosplay. By RavenStarCosplay, Photography and Edit by Miradel

Listen to this exciting episode as we try to learn more about this rising Dutch cosplay photographer, and how she got where she is today.

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Miradell Photography. Left: Sayo Samonji and Imanotsurugi cosplay by Ninishio and Carmine Cosplay/ Right: Gyarados Gijinka cosplay by Sowilu Cosplay
Miradel Cats.. as promised. Photography by Miracle