Podcast Episode 6: MCM London Comiccon May 2017 Review

Left to Right: Jessica (credit: Kusopics), James and Jade (credit: CosplayWon)

In this special episode we host three guests from MCM London Comiccon May 2017 and discuss our experience from London MCM, chat about swag, cosplays, accomodation and travel, and more. We wanted to hear from the cosplayers and photographers on the floor about their thoughts, and how they spend their day, and what effort goes in planning for it.

Our guests are James Werty (JamesWerty), Jade Sayers (OhNoItsJade), and Jessica Skidmore (AperturePhotography). We had a lot to talk about, and had a lot of fun doing so that we lost track of time, and hit almost 2 hours!

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James Werty:

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Jessica Skidmore

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Jade Sayers

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Facebook Photography: https://www.facebook.com/ohnoitsjadephotography/

Matt Baca: 3D props printing https://www.instagram.com/mbaca42/

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