Podcast Ep 10: A Series of Unfortunate Events

Left to right: Kira’s Costumes (Photo: CosplayWon), SupremeOutcastCos (Photo: Super Effective Photography), Ka.vivi.la (Photo: Herself)

In this special episode, we host three guests from different countries for the first time. Our guests in this episode are:

  • Judith Lenders a.k.a Kira’s Costumes (Netherlands): Costumer and cosplayer. Often cosplaying her own original characters.
  • Joe Martin a.k.a SupremeOutcastCos (England): Costumer and cosplayer. His birthday is on Halloween, and this year he celebrated it in Rome.
  • Kaya a.k.a Ka.Vivi.La (Germany): Costumer, cosplayer, and makeup artist. Mostly popular for her horror cosplays and makeups.

This episode was supposed to be a Halloween Special episode for early November, hosting guests from different countries in Europe. Howver due to A Series of Unfortunate Events, it kept getting delayed until last Christmas. So it has been in planning for well over 2 months, and it had to change and be more broad.

In this episode you get to hear from different cosplayers about how Halloween and Christmas is celebrated at their home town, and Rome as well, since we have Joe. It’s also officially the most hilarious show yet. Listen and you’ll know why!

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Kira’s Costumes

Kira’s 2017 Costumes




SupremeOutcast as Geralt — Photo by Quality Pixels




Ka.vivi.la — Photo: becci_dthl




Elfia Festival

Lucca Comics and Games

Castle Satzvey Halloween

Nordic Museum at Halloween

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