MCM Is Coming… Add Your CosplayWon Profile to your Business Card

It’s that time of year once again where many MCM Comiccons and other conventions take place. And with that date approaching quickly, cosplayers are rushing to finish their cosplays, while photographers are making sure their equipment are ready, and perhaps finally get that one new lens they always wanted!

Also, many people are printing new business cards to handout during the convention (you need one if you don’t have any yet!). And since our main goal is to provide a place for people to share their portfolio for others to find, and as several cosplayers have expressed their interest in adding their CosplayWon page to their business cards, we are sharing the official CosplayWon icon vector source file for you to use.

Feel free to download and use it on your business card, and if needed, you may change the color of it as shown in the picture above, but please try to keep the same proportios.

Download CosplayWon Icon AI File

If you do add it to your card, we’d love to see it. So please share it with us :).