CosplayWon Today is 1 Year Old!

CosplayWon First Anniversary — Cake photo credit: FoodWalay (

Exactly one year ago, on September 30th 2017, we launched This was the first photo ever posted!

Elizabeth and Booker DeWitt — by Weathered King Cosplay and Hannah Lydia

And while there was a signup on the first day of launch, it did not convert into a real active user. BriiMassacre was the first user to signup, make a profile, and show real interest in the project. She was also the first one to feature and talk about us on her blog. Something for which I’m forever grateful!

BriiMassacre (Sabrina Carlotti)

Yet she didn’t have ready photos to post yet, and she’d come back later to post some. But the first to upload any photos were a lovely couple of girls I have met at previous MCM, known as CalamityJam.

Ironically, that very first post by someone beside me immediately highlighted a problem with our crediting feature. You can only credit one cosplay to each user per post. And here was a Cosplay Team that are cosplaying as Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy under one name! But they can’t do it properly because of the restriction. So we’re getting this fixed right now.

We were arranging to have CalamityJam as the first guest for our podcast, as it seemed fitting. Things came to halt, and I later learned the reason. Cally (Harley Quinn) is expecting a baby now, and it should arrive next month! Congratulations, and wish you a safe delivery :).

Today, a year after launch, I’m happy to say we have 2,998 photos posted on CosplayWon, by 80 users! That’s right. Only 2 photos shy of the 3,000 mark! Who knows. Maybe I’ll do it later today. Or perhaps you will!

The 2998 photos generated total of 237 series, and a whooping 482 unique characters.

So where do all these cosplayers and photos come from? We made a pie for that!

CosplayWon User Demographic, 2017

As you see, the majority of users come from The United Kingdom. Which is expected, as I’ve been to three London MCMs over the past 2 years. I’ve also been to Elfia Haarzuilens, in Netherlands once, and to Stockholm Comiccon one time as well. Which would explain the larger percentage. The minorities are from Russia, Norway, Italy, Israel, Brazil and Austria.

We chose to omit users with undefined location in the previous chart, as it would collude the real useful data.

Now let’s see where all these 2,998 photos were taken.

CosplayWon Posts Demographic — 2017

We kept the posts with undefined location here, and as you can see, it amounts to considerable chunk. Big number of these posts are from photoshoots, and not at convention centers, so the location is often left out.

The Road Ahead

While we have big features planned for next year, right now we’re finishing up the mobile version of the site. So you’d be able to easily browse and upload to CosplayWon from your phone. Something definitely many cosplayers have asked for. We’re also bringing in a bunch of small fixes and performance improvements along the way. Expect the mobile site to be ready before end of October. Just in time for London MCM. So if you’re not already a member of this lovely community, and want to be ready for next MCM, signup now and secure your nickname! Here is how you can get our official logo to use on your business card.

And while it seems I won’t be able to make it to London MCM this October, I’m determined to make it to other conventions in England, and across Europe in the year to come. My travels to the different conventions have helped me learn a lot more about the cosplay community, and why it’s one of the best communities in the world. It allowed me to harness and improve my photography skills, taking over 8,000 photos in the span of one year. But most importantly, it helped me make friends!

During these past 12 months, I’ve made many friends both online, and at the convention floor. I met many people I had only known online. And many I have kept in close touch after getting to know them through the conventions. So thanks a lot to every one of you… And

keep Making The Cosplay Community A Lovely Place!

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