CosplayWon Instagram 1K Giveaway

Kamui Cosplay

Yesterday we finally hit 1K followers on Instagram (then few unfollowed… Still!). A big step, and makes me hyped for the road ahead. Ofcourse, I couldn’t have done this without all the great help and support I receive from you guys. You’re absolutely amazing, and I’m really grateful to have you!

To show my appreciation, I’m starting this CosplayWon 1K giveaway, which I have thought about for sometime. I got bunch of amazing feedback from several cosplayers last week as well. For this giveaway, I wanted something that gives back to the community, and helps it grow and prosper.

And for that, I thought what’s better than Kamui Cosplay’s amazing collection of tutorials, that have helped cosplayers over and over. I can’t remember how many times her name was mentioned on my podcast show as a huge influence and source of support for the cosplayers. Down to earth, amazing cosplays, and very supportive person. It’s also a good chance to say Thank you to her!


3 randomly picked winners. Each will get 1signed book from Kamui’s collection, OR 4 digital ones, Total ~ $20. Winners choose the books

** BONUS: RoSA Cosplay Charity Calendar 2018

A group of amazing cosplayers and photographers have made their work available, and @lady_halestorm have made 2018 calendars from these wonderful set of photos, with all proceeds going to RoSA, an independent charity working throughout Warwickshire to offer free confidential support for anyone who has experienced the trauma of rape, sexual abuse or sexual violence. Every winner will also get a copy of this calendar sent to him!

Purchase link:

** NOTICE: This contest is in no way affiliated with, or endorsed by Kamui. Though I have her blessing to run this giveaway.

** How To Enter:

Visit the official CosplayWon Instagram 1K Giveaway post, and follow instructions. They’re simple:

- Like the post
- Follow @cosplaywon
- Repost the post
- Mention @copslaywon
- Tag #CosplayWon1kGiveaway

Last entry time is end of Sunday 10th December GMT Time. One entry per user.


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